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Sewage & storm water blockages

HELP, there’s water and an unpleasant mess overflowing everywhere or every time it rains the water does not go away. Sound Familiar...?

Well don’t panic, because to us it’s just another day at the office. Patterson Plumbing Services has all the required equipment to solve your messy problem.

We have Vans set up with the latest equipment from sewerage cleaning machines (sakes), to high pressure water jets to clear even the most stubborn of blockages in your sewer or stormwater drainage system.

And once the blockage is clear, location and viewing of the cause is available, without messy digging. We Can provide C.C.T.V Colour Camera inspections and video footage of internal  damage of drains can be clearly viewed, without resorting to excavation. Pin point location is available.

We cater for a large scope of domestic works:

  • Burst/leaking pipes
  • Steel and colour bond roofing, spouting and gutters
  • Gas and cold water service renewals
  • Hot water units
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Constant flow
  • Solar powered
  • All tapware and pipe work installations.
  • Kitchen and bathroom Renovations
  • Clearing and cleaning of sewer and stormwater drains
  • Excavation of broken sewer and stormwater drainage systems.
  • installation of fixtures, such as toilets, cisterns, showers and spas

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